Monday, January 31, 2011

spring rolls

this saturday...attempt number one...they turned out time i'll learn from my mistakes :)

this is what i used:

chinese vegetable mix (it contains mostly ginger, carrots, onions and cabbage) (i also used some ham and corn because i didn't have enough vegetables)
phyllo dough
spices (i used salt, chili, sesame seeds and cinnamon)

vegetable oil

in the wok, i sauted the vegetables...

added the spices and put the mixture in a small bowl.

i prepared a beaten egg and the dough for the rolls.

i took one piece of the dough and placed a spoon of the vegetable mixture on it...

and started to roll...

it goes quickly...i brushed the end of every roll with the beaten egg to make the dough stick together...

then i fried them in a hot vegetable oil...they only need few seconds on each side...i was not quick enough and they started to time i will fry them one by one.

when ready, i served them with sweet and spicy sauce :) delicious :)

PS: my computer died :(...had to get a new one


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